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  • CEO Leif Bergvall Hansen comments on the first quarter

    11 May 2017

    I am pleased to report net sales of MSEK 1,593.8, a growth of 15 percent compared to the first quarter last year. Sweden and Norway made the largest contributions and grew by 15 percent and 17 percent respectively, while Denmar... Read more

  • Scandi Standard's Annual Report 2016

    5 April 2017

    Scandi Standard’s Annual Report for 2016 is now available. Below is a brief summary and link to the Annual Report. • Net sales increased by 10 percent to MSEK 5,967.4 (5,422.9) and by 10 percent in constant currency. • Strong i... Read more

  • CEO Leif Bergvall Hansen comments on the fourth quarter

    28 February 2017

    The results for the fourth quarter were materially negatively impacted by the bird flu. Direct and indirect effects of the disease, including lower prices, costs for personnel reductions as well as inventory write-downs at year-e... Read more

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