Companies & plants

We are the leading producer of chicken-based food products in the Nordic region and Irland.

The Swedish operations are conducted through the companies Kronfågel AB, SweHatch AB, AB Skånefågel and Bosarpkyckling.

Kronfågel AB
 is the Swedish market’s largest chicken producer, with approximately 45 percent of the total market for all chicken products. The chickens are raised on any of our about 60 Swedish farms. The company has about 800 employees. Our production facility is in Valla outside Katrineholm and produce approximately 50,8 million chickens per year. Kronfågel’s customers include retail stores, restaurants and food service/catering, as well as the food industry. The company’s largest customers are ICA, Axfood and Coop. 

Kronfågel’s goal is to deliver high quality fresh and frozen products by taking responsibility for the entire value chain, in the areas of animal welfare, transport, energy, food safety and quality. Kronfågel’s chicken operations are certified under the BRC standard for food safety.

SweHatch in Flyinge, Skåne is an egg hatchery which delivers day-old chickens to broiler breeders in Sweden and to some extent for export. The company is the largest in Sweden in its area. The company has about 80 employees.

Skånefågel in Åsljunga, Skåne supplies locally produced poultry products to Swedish retail stores, food service/catering and restaurants. The company has about 50 employees.

Logo Bosarp

Bosarpkyckling is the leading supplier of Swedish organic and KRAV-certified chicken, since 1999. The chickens live in small groups, eat organic feed and are able to roam around outdoors on pasture. The company’s main customers are the national wholesalers as well as some of the country’s most famous chefs.


The Danish operations are conducted by the company Danpo A/S, Denmark’s largest producer of chicken products. The company has about 870 employees. Danpo sells its products under the Danpo brand and through other private label brands. Danpos chickens come from any of our 70 Danish breeder farms across Denmark. We have two production sites in Jyllland, Denmark. In Aars we slaughter and cut up 45 million chickens per year and have 530 employees. In Farre approximately 180 employees work with the processing of chicken meat, for example Danpos good chicken nuggets.

Danpo has a strong position in the Danish market with a share of about 50 percent for fresh products and 25 percent share for frozen products. A large proportion of production goes to exports (about two-thirds), while about one-third goes to domestic consumption. Danpo focuses on three aspects – food safety, quality assurance and taste. Danpo complies with the internationally recognized and comprehensive BRC standard

Danpo A/S also owns one third of Farmfood A/S, a company that processes by-products from chicken slaughterhouses.

The Norwegian operations are conducted through the company Scandinavian Standard AS. Scandinavian Standard AS is a leading player in the white meat and egg market in Norway. The company has about 300 employees. Norwegian consumers are provided with eggs and white meat under the brand “Den Stolte Hane” and indirectly through private labels. “Vestfold Fugl” supplies chicken, turkey, broiler and duck products to the food service/catering sector and the industrial market. 

The Norwegian operations focus on healthy, highquality fresh products with rigorous quality and safety requirements in combination with rapid innovation and efficient production facilities for poultry and eggs. Quality assurance in the entire value chain, from farmer to consumer, is maintained through the subsidiaries Den Stolte Hane Jæren AS and the egg packaging company Den Stolte Hane Egg AS. 

Customers in Norway are retail chains such as Coop Norge, Rema 1000 and Norgesgruppen, although the company profiles itself as a chain-neutral supplier. The company’s message to consumers is communicated in the motto healthy, quick and simple.

Logga Huttulan

The Finnish operation is conducted through the company Naapurin Maalaiskana Oy and the brand Naapurin Maalaiskana. Naapurin Maalaiskana Oy (former Kronfågel Oy) is the most modern poultry production in Finland, located in Lieto. The company has about 150 employees.

The production capacity is 4 000 birds/hour. This allows 25 percent production of Finnish poultry market.  

The chickens eat self-produced, 100 percent GMO-free, feed. The factory has its own wastewater treatment plant.

Logo Manor Farm

The Irish operation is conducted through the company Manor Farm, the largest chicken processor, and market leader, in Ireland. The company has about 800 employees.

Manor Farm sources and processes approximately 50 percent of all fresh chicken sold in the Irish retail market and approximately 25 percent of all chicken consumed in Ireland. The business focuses on fresh products for the retail market.

The business has its processing plant in Shercock in County Cavan. It has approximately 130 farmers contracted as growers and approximately 40 farmers contracted as breeders. It owns and operates a feed mill, which has revenues of approximately 80 million euros and produces solely for its contracted growers.