Why Scandinavian chicken?

We decided to name the group ’Scandi Standard’ because we wanted to profile the unique properties of Scandinavian chicken.

The Scandinavian poultry markets are governed by extensive regulations and controls regarding hygiene, food safety and animal welfare. It is a well-established practice to have very limited usage of feed supplements, such as adding of antibiotics and growth hormones. Scandinavian chicken maintains a very high standard; something we are very proud about and we hope that you appreciate it and choose us above others. 


  The health advantages of white meat
The white meat makes it easier to live healthily since chicken meat contains good substances for the body. There is high-value protein, good fat and many vitamins and minerals, all of which are important for several of the body’s functions. The American Institute of Cancer Research has also ascertained that those who eat a lot of red meat run a significantly greater risk of large intestine and rectal cancer than those who eat white meat.

Did you know that:

  • Chicken protein contributes towards a healthy, fit and strong body.
  • Chicken is a good example of food with a good fat balance. Both Scandinavian and international recommendations state that we should eat more of the unsaturated fat, i.e. the fat found in chicken.
  • Chicken meat’s antioxidants are good for the body, e.g. for the immune system.

  Scandinavian chicken is salmonella free
Scandinavian chicken stands out internationally as it is salmonella free. Salmonella is found in food throughout the world but Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region constitute a unique exception, largely due to an effective control program that has been in operation since the 1960s.

Did you know that:

  • The preventive work aimed at creating a salmonella-free environment for chickens goes through all stages, i.e. egg producers and hatcheries, breeders, production and authorities. All of this in order to guarantee salmonella-free chicken on your plate. 

  Scandi Standard’s chickens are not given feed antibiotics
Scandi Standard’s chickens are not given feed and growth antibiotics, something which is common for imported chicken. Chickens receive coccidiostats which is an approved feed additive for preventing coccidiosis. Coccidiosis occurs in all poultry and causes an intestinal infection which, in turn, means suffering for the animal. We do not believe it is ethically justifiable not to prevent coccidiosis which is why we give the chickens coccidiostats. According to the EU directive, coccidiostats are not classed as feed antibiotics.

Did you know that:

  • Chickens which, despite all hygiene measures, become ill and need antibiotic treatment, must be healthy again before they are slaughtered.
  • The reason why we are so careful about antibiotics is that antibiotics resistance, i.e. that the antibiotic does not work for different types of bacteria, is classed by WHO as one of the biggest public health risks of modern time.


  Eating chicken is climate smart
Meat is the foodstuff which affects the environment most. But there are big differences between the various types of meat. For example, the Swedish National Food Agency states that 1 kilo of chicken meat (without bones) generates approximately 2 kilo greenhouse gases. Corresponding figures for beef are 10 times higher. Transportation also causes the emission of greenhouse gases. That is why it is climatically smart to eat Scandinavian chicken where neither the feed nor the chickens are transported so far.

Did you know that:

  • Chicken production generates small volumes of greenhouse gases. Chickens have a single stomach and do not give off methane gas.
  • Scandinavian chicken mainly eats Scandinavian grain that often comes from the same farm. That is why transportations are few and short.
  • Chicken production requires small cultivation and breeding areas leading to low consumption of energy.
  • A large proportion of Scandinavian chicken farmers have their own cycle. Straw or wood from the same farm is used to heat the barns and courtyard buildings.

  Chicken with a home address
Our breeders are actually very much alike. They feed up their chickens in accordance with some of the world’s strictest animal protection rules. They have a lifestyle that is suited to that of the chicken in order for you to have the healthiest possible chicken. It is not unusual for the farm to be close to the slaughterhouse in order to reduce transportation and the farmer grows the grain himself so that there is a mini-cycle on the farm.

Did you know that:

  • The chickens walk around freely on the floor throughout the rearing period and are thus never caged. They have the opportunity to peck and scratch around in the bedding material. Throughout its life the chicken always has free access to water and feed.
  • The breeders employ the "all-in-all-out-method". This means that you cannot put in new animals in the barn until all the animals from the preceding cycle in the barn have been slaughtered and the barn has been cleaned and aired for a few days. 

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