Customer & Markets

We are proud to be leading developments within the chicken industry, in close partnership with our customers. Through a careful choice of raw materials, efficient production and logistics, we meet our customers’ demands for a high level of reliability and the right quality.

Scandinavian Standard has close and long-standing relationships with its major customers in all categories throughout Scandinavia. For example, the Company is the main supplier of chicken to several major retailers, such as ICA, COOP, Rema 1000, Axfood and Dansk Supermarked.

Growing with us
We must always be highly innovative. Together with our customers, we offer smart, attractive mealtime solutions for the conscious consumer. Demand for chicken is growing rapidly, and we want to help our customers to grow with us. As we supply more innovative products, we are confident that the consumer will find more chicken on shop shelves and restaurant menus.