Scandi Standard provides a wide range of fresh, frozen and processed products to the retail trade. You will find parts of our range below.

Fresh, chilled chicken is the meat which has grown most in popularity with Swedes, Danes and Norwegians in recent years. Good, easy to prepare and suitable for both special occasions and a quick lunch or dinner at home in the kitchen.

In Sweden, chicken is also sold ready-grilled and hot in shops as an important part of the business.

We can offer Scandinavia’s widest range of frozen bird products. Here you will find our original range, as well as everything from traditional whole chicken to ready meals.

Seasonal products
Chicken is just as warming and good on a rugged autumn day as it is fresh in a cooling salad in the summer. Choose for yourself whether you want to have great raw materials to add flavour to yourself or ready meals to put straight onto the grill.

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