Markets & Consumption

Scandi Standard is Scandinavia's biggest chicken producer with more than five billion SEK in sales. Market position and market share in the retail sector is 30 per cent in Sweden, 43 percent in Denmark, 24 percent in Norway and 2 percent in Finland. In Sweden and Denmark, we are number one in Norway, number two in the market.

The market development
The global animal protein market is growing, and the chicken market is expected to show higher growth than other meat products. Average annual chicken consumption per capita in Europe is approx. 23,6 kg. Chicken is the type of meat that is accepted in most regions, and global consumption of chicken is increasing as living standards rise. The region with the highest growth is expected to be Asia. The current forecast in the EU is for continuing good growth in consumption over the next ten years. There is potential for Swedish consumption to increase, as Sweden is still below the average consumption in Europe.

The Scandinavian poultry food market has experienced a consistently strong and steady development over the past decade with an average growth rate of 3.6 percent from 2000 to 2013. Main driver has been an increasing per capita consumption underpinned by poultry being a more cost-effective and affordable source of protein, structural
long-term consumer trends towards healthier diets and an increasingly broad range of poultry-based food products
becoming available to consumers. 



In 2013, annual consumption in Scandinavia reached approximately 400,000 tonnes, which corresponds to a compound annual increase of 3.6 percent since 2000. Sweden contributed to the largest share of Scandinavian consumption with 40 percent, while Norway and Denmark accounted for 24 percent and 35 percent, respectively.

Consumption in Sweden
Sweden’s annual chicken consumption is approximately at 17 kg of poultry meat per capita and of this import accounts for approximately 56 percent. Frozen chicken imports are increasing, but the trend is reversed for fresh chicken, with consumers showing a strong preference for the Swedish fresh product. Growth for total chicken products in Sweden was 5 percent in 2013, and similar growth is expected in 2014.

Consumption in Denmark
The Danish market has a growth rate of less than 3 percent, but the market is more mature, with consumption of approximately 25 kg of chicken per capita.

Consumption in Norway
The Norwegian market for white meat has grown stronger than its Swedish and Danish counterparts in recent years. Consumption has doubled in 15 years and is now at approximately 19 kg per capita. Despite the growth, consumption is still lower than in Denmark. Growth in Norway has varied between 5 and 10 percent in recent years.

Consumption in Finland
The Finnish market is growing rapidly and has a growth rate of 5–6 percent. The consumption of poultry meat in Finland is approximately 20 kg per capita.

The egg market has achieved growth of approximately 2 percent per year. Annual egg consumption in Norway is approximately 180 eggs per capita.