Well known brands

Within Scandi Standard, there are well-known trademarks such as Kronfågel, Danpo, Ivars, Kronfågel Stinas, Chicky World, Den Stolte Hane and Vestfold Fugl.

The product range includes both fresh and frozen products in several categories including whole chickens and value-added products such as cuts, flavoured and pre-cooked products, as well as further processed products and meal solutions.

Each trademark has its history and tradition, and each one represents a guarantee for its specific qualities.


All products under the Kronfågel trademark are reared and slaughtered in Sweden. Kronfågel is our premium trademark with a long tradition and history in Sweden. Kronfågel is the chicken specialist which is, and has been, the Swedes’ favourite for over 40 years. Kronfågel Svensk Gårdskyckling comes from 46 proud and passionate breeders.

Kronfågel Stinas chicken
Stinas’ products come under the Kronfågel trademark. They are oven-ready, frozen products with both classical and new, exciting flavours. The Stinas product has been in Swedish homes for more than 25 years on the consumer market.


Danish free-range chicken with a high awareness in both fresh and frozen chicken in Denmark. Also big within the restaurant and large-scale catering sector.

Products under the Ivars trademark have their origin from our own plant in Denmark. It is a highly-appreciated chicken, with high safety and the right quality.

Chicky World
Here you find convenient and processed chicken products ready to be heated up. Primarily within large-scale catering but also consumer products are to be found in the shops in both Sweden and Denmark.

Den Stolte Hane

At the end of 2012, the Norwegian company, Den Stolte Hane, initiated a comprehensive review of the trademark and product portfolio. With the new expression, the position as a locally-produced chicken of high quality is established.