No antibiotics, no compromise

In accordance with current legislation in the Nordic region, antibiotics are not used as a preventive measure in the rearing process. This is in contrast to many other countries. The use of antibiotics among Nordic farmers is also very low, which is a sign of good animal husbandry.

Tackling the global health challenge

The increasing resistance to antibiotics is a global health challenge. At Scandi Standard, we understand that we play an important role in minimising the use of antibiotics in food production. This is especially the case when we integrate operations that are outside the Nordic region.

Since the Irish company Manor Farm became part of Scandi Standard in 2017, targeted work on the use of antibiotics in their operations has fallen by >70 percent within three years. This trend is continuing in the right direction and we are working to achieve levels that are on par with Nordic levels within the next two years.

Antibiotics Policy

Zero vision. Measurable Target: < 1%

Our Group target is for the percentage of flocks treated with antibiotics to be lower than one percent. Our approach to antibiotics leads the way in the world, along with our working methods and results in our companies in the Nordic region.