Healthy workplace

Healthy workplace, Happy people

We believe that a healthy workplace leads to healthy employees and vice versa. We want Scandi Standard to be a healthy and safe workplace. It is also our aim to build a culture where employees are working and feeling well, getting inspired and being motivated. We want to support our employees to take responsibility for their well-being and to be our ambassadors for our brand and our business goals.

To achieve our ambitions, we are working systematically on providing a good and stimulating work environment. We continually follow up on health and safety measures and find ways to build commitment and job satisfaction among our employees.

Leadership that is clear, visible and involved is one of the most important factors in promoting employee engagement. Programmes and activities for leadership development are carried out continually at all companies based on a joint Group platform. On this note, we have developed a sound employee survey, called Scandi Pulse, to measure how leadership works and is perceived.

Health & Safety

The Group’s Code of Conduct describes a proactive approach to health and safety for all employees. Our Health & Safety policy clarifies Scandi Standard’s commitment to ensure a good working environment from all dimensions, to promote health and to ensure compliance with legislation and standards. The policy also states that we must work actively to ensure an inclusive culture and diversity.

Most of our employees work in an environment where there are risks associated with their health and physical wellbeing.

Therefore, we work in a preventive and systematic way on safety and the physical work environment, along with the psychosocial environment and our culture. Sick leave and work-related injuries are followed up at each plant, with targets set to reach the Group’s zero vision for accidents.

Employee engagement

Safe and healthy workplace

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

We are determined to promote health and wellbeing among our employees by inspiring them to lead a sustainable lifestyle. We establish local goals and activities in the different countries and plants, and organize a yearly Sustainability Week, focusing on health and the environment. A healthy and climate efficient meal which includes chicken, is on the menu every day in all canteens in Scandi Standard. We call it the “Healthy choice of the Day”.

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