Sustainability Governance

Our work on sustainable development is integrated into operations and is a part of our ordinary processes and areas of responsibility on both Group and local level.

Organisation and management

At Group level, we have the role Head of Sustainability to coordinate and support the sustainability work, and a Sustainability Steering Group as a decision-making forum and responsible for monitoring prioritised activities and reporting to Group management and Board. The Steering Group comprises the Head of Sustainability and Group Communications Director, as well as the Chief Operating Officer and Director Group Live Operations, who are members of Group Management, and a management representative from our local Irish company.  

A strategic project manager has been appointed for each focus area, who works with local representatives in the various countries to move the sustainability work forward towards our set goals. so that we can achieve the goals that have been set. Over the year the responsibility and organisation for our sustainability work developed and was made clearer. This work included appointing national sustainability coordinators who run the local work based on the specific conditions of their country.

Policies to govern Sustainability

We have a number of Group level policies as our guiding frameworks towards sustainability.

Code of Conduct

Scandi Standard’s Code of Conduct constitutes the Group’s general sustainability policy and applies to every manager and employee and all parts of our company, as well as to members of the Board.

The Code of Conduct states that environmental, economic and social responsibility is an integral part of the business strategy and describes the approaches and guidelines that apply to material sustainability aspects in the areas of environment, social conditions, human resources, respect for human rights and anti-corruption.

Scandi Standard’s Supplier Code of Conduct imposes corresponding requirements on the Group’s suppliers. A whistle-blowing function has been set up to report any potential deviations and violations of the Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Antibiotics Policy

Animal Welfare Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Clean Label Policy