Scandi proudly welcomes Graduate Students!

February 22, 2019

In line with Scandi Standards strategy to attract tomorrows competence and build future leaders, Group Management presents “Scandi Standard Graduate Leadership Program”. The program is Scandis first professional trainee program.

– This is a two years’ global career journey, which will take the graduate through three job rotations lasting approximately eight months each. The student will develop leadership skills, broad business knowledge and explore the company and learn about the Scandi way – Better Chicken for a Better Life, says Karin Jansson, Group Director HR and one of the initiative taker to the program.

Teamwork to set the program
Karin Jansson and the HR-teams in all countries within Scandi Standard have worked since last year on this very important program for the Group. During the planning, Group Management has been involved and several meetings has been held to secure high quality.

– I fully support Scandis Graduate Program and believe this is a powerful way for us to build a leadership pipeline and learn from a new generation of leaders and get their views on how we can improve in line with our vision, mission and values, says Leif Bergvall Hansen, CEO, Scandi Standard.

Operations first out
Within Operations, the heart of our business, we have to secure a strong successors plan and strengthen the internal leader pipeline. Which of course goes for the entire organization, but Operations and Operations Finance will be first out. The plan is to regularly have Scandi Standards leadership graduates in several functions of the business in the future. To ensure a holistic view and understanding of the organization, the program is a Group program involving cross country experience.

Per Alan Jensen, COO at Scandi Standard, is very much involved in the program:
– From day one, the Graduate will be delivering results as a true team member in Scandi Standard. The manager and the mentor will support the student on his or her development journey. The student will gather international experience, be exposed to various projects and start building a strong network of professional and dedicated colleagues. And this is just the beginning of the students Scandi career; After the program finishes, he or she will have gained great experiences and learnings to continue the exciting career within Scandi.

You can read more about our Graduate Program HERE, where you also can learn about the application process – and of course apply to the program.

The application window is open from February to April, with a deadline of 23 of April 2019. The program starts in September.