A strategy for profitable and sustainable growth

Scandi Standard combines the inherent strength of a large Group with the advantages of having a clear local presence, which allows for us to act quickly, near our customers. In 2022, Group-wide efforts were made to clarify Scandi Standard’s direction moving forward. The four strategic areas summarise what is important for our continued development.


Establish a winning culture

Everything begins with our employees and how we conduct our operations. We have five local markets and one Scandi Standard, and collaboration is the key to success. We strive to stimulate engagement through clear goals and a high level of transparency. We fine tune our culture to strengthen behaviours that support our values: to be open, to challenge and to act – quickly, smartly and responsibly. At Scandi Standard, everyone is important and everyone has a responsibility.


Pursue efficiency and resource utilisation

A sharp focus on the efficient utilisation of all resources permeates everything we do – throughout our operations and across our entire value chain. We achieve tangible efficiency by applying a holistic approach to everything we do, while continuously trimming our costs, and streamlining processes and work methods. It is also about further digitalising our operations to leverage technological developments and strengthen our competitiveness.


Increase the value of our protein

Our business and product development strategies are aimed at utilising the whole bird and adding value to our products, to reduce food waste while strengthening our business. Already today, residual products from chicken production are being used in animal feed and as biofuel. But we can do better. We aim to grow in products with a high degree of processing, while establishing a broader product portfolio within several categories. This requires that we work closely with consumers, collaborate with our customers and be agile in our development processes.


Future-proof our operations

To be an important part of the food supply in several countries entails great opportunities as well as great responsibility. Our future business requires that we act sustainably, with a long-term approach, at all stages of our business. This characterises how we work with everything, from finances and regulatory compliance to systems and processes, and includes our approach to product development, recruitment and employee development. Our competitive business is based on strong brands aimed at being the local market leader, combined with an active dialogue with our customers, consumers and other stakeholders.

Group strength, powerful local connections

Food is firmly entrenched in local traditions, culture and tastes. We at Scandi Standard understand the importance of connecting with consumers locally with product offerings specifically adapted to each particular market. At the same time, being a group means that we have the amazing advantages of economies of scale, capitalizing on our global expertise, innovative skills and efficient processes.

Organisation and management