Helping out in times of need – Kronfågel donates protective gear

April 3, 2020

In times of hardship and crisis, it’s important to come together and help each other. We aspire to be close to the communities where we have our operations, taking an active part in society and contribute where we can – especially important in times like these.

When the municipality of Katrineholm in Sweden, where we have one of our production facilities, reached out to the business community asking for protective gear because their supplies were running low, we, of course, responded. We donated about 400 single-use plastic coats, 200 single-use overalls and 1000 face masks to support the fight against the covid-19 virus.

Here our team member Erik Lund is making the delivery to the representatives of Katrineholm Sofia Zetterdal, Stefan Toll and Linda Bentholm.