Meet our graduate Fanni Ylä-Autio

February 1, 2021

Fanni started Scandi Standards’ Graduate Program 2019 as a Finance Graduate.

Tell us a little about yourself:

– I have studied Agricultural Economics at the University of Helsinki and have a passion for the food industry and sustainable food production. I’ve worked with production animals in Finland and Sweden and believe that the Nordic way of animal keeping is something the rest of the world could learn from. I was born and raised in Finland but moved to Sweden prior to the Graduate Program.

Why did you apply for the graduate program?

– The Graduate Program gives me a chance to try out different positions in the company and find a direction for my future career. Scandi Standard is an attractive employer to me because my values align with theirs.

What kind of projects have you been involved in at Scandi Standard?

– I’ve had the chance to lead and participate in many very different projects. To mention a few, I started my Graduate journey with a project that created a more automatized and accurate financial reporting for the factory. At the moment I’m working on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) project with an international project group. We will change the current software to a new one, align our ways of working within Scandi Standard further and develop our processes. I’ve also had multiple smaller projects: from creating a new monthly reporting system for the production to making the factory smoke-free.

What have you learned?

– During my first Graduate rotation, I learned a lot about the daily routines and processes at the production site. In my current project, I’ve had the chance to look at the company from a helicopter view and develop an understanding of the whole value chain. Leading my own projects have developed my leadership skills.

What are your thoughts regarding your journey ahead at Scandi?

– I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Scandi Standard. I’ve enjoyed working in an international environment and want to use my background to bring the Scandi Standard countries closer to each other. As a relatively young company, Scandi Standard is constantly developing and interesting projects and positions open frequently.

Meet our graduate Robert Georgiev
Robert Georgiev started Scandi Standards’ Graduate Program 2019 as an Operations Graduate.