Graduate Program

Scandi Standard
Graduate Program

The Scandi Standard Graduate Program is a 2-year-long program which includes three rotations of various lengths. At least one of the job rotations will be abroad at one of our other production sites/offices providing an international experience.

The aim of the three rotations is to give each graduate the highest form of personal and professional development along with the possibility to build a valuable network for the future as well as a broader understanding of Scandi Standard as a whole. The culmination of the graduate program is a transition into a permanent position in the company.

When recruiting our new graduates, Scandi Standard and our local well-known brands look for ambitious newly graduated candidates to join our expanding, innovative and multi-cultural company. The on-the-job training is combined with various graduate projects and intense workshops. The workshops are designed to provide specific tools, skills and competencies such as change leadership and projects management. The entire program focuses on the graduate’s individual training and continued development.

As a Scandi Standard graduate you will:

  • Go through both a joint and individual program which provides learning experiences enabling the graduate to perform at his/her best.
  • Be part of a unique program where we focus on developing each graduate in a fast and ambitious way to be a future leader at Scandi Standard.
  • Be part of a program that instantly focuses on establishing a strong team-spirit and cross-functional relationships between the graduates.
  • Gather international experience, work with various projects and start building a strong network of professional and dedicated colleagues.
  • Join the leading chicken provider in the Nordic region and Ireland.
  • Contribute and take part in a growing and successful company – The Scandi Way.

Who can be a Scandi Standard graduate?

A Scandi Standard graduate has either finished or are about to finish his/her studies with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree within relevant business areas such as food or agricultural science/technology, finance or supply chain planning, etc.

Moreover, our graduates have the following qualities and competencies:

  • Excellent and documented academic achievements.
  • Have had relevant student work.
  • Are fluent in English as well as the language of their primary location.
  • Are flexible and mobile during the program with a wish to go abroad.

Our graduates are ambitious by nature, have strong analytical and interpersonal skills which enables them to get results in a collaborative, fast, effective and solution-oriented way. They enjoy challenging status quo, act with openness, can act and react quickly and strive for excellence within their field of expertise. 

If you feel this matches your skills and background, keep a lookout here for the next opportunity to join our next Graduate Program!

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