Our culture

Arriving at our vision

In Scandi Standard, our core values are at the heart of everything we do. While our vision and strategy describe what we want to achieve, our mission, The Scandi Way, and our values describe how we want to do it.

We believe in collaboration, open-mindedness, engagement and empowerment. Our culture defines how we work together and it’s the glue that helps us come together as a group. Our company is international, yet with all the local traditions and quirks that come with being local. Through it all, our common and shared ambition to always keep trying to be better unites us as one.

Our values

Openness –being transparent and honest, which enables us to help each other across countries and functions. It is reflected in our communication and our ambition of being transparent about what we do.

Challenge – challenging both ourselves as well as our industry every day. We do this by always asking questions in order to find better solutions and continuously improve.

Sense of Urgency – meaning there’s no time to waste as time waits for no one. We stay relevant by acting quickly and smartly. We take responsibility for creating value throughout the value chain in order to help our consumers understand they have made the better choice by choosing our products.

Diversity at Scandi Standard
We believe in a dynamic organization with diverse teams where each team member’s personality, background and experiences make us stronger and helps contribute to building an inclusive and open culture. We aim to be an equal and diverse organisation; we see these as important success factors for creating an inspiring work environment as well as in our ability to recruit the best talent. Diversity is also an important success factor for staying relevant, ensuring the products we develop meet the demands of our customers and consumers.

Leadership at Scandi Standard
Our leaders play an important role in creating employee engagement and reaching our goals. To ensure we have a consistent and clear leadership across the group, we have a common leadership model with three perspectives which we expect our leaders to apply in their day-to-day work.

The model applies just as strongly to all team members, regardless of manager responsibility. This is because we believe that the key to success is when all team members lead themselves, collaborate and contribute to the business. This is essential to the motivational force at Scandi Standard that all our team members should, and can, be leaders.

Me – leading myself
Us – leading others
It – leading the business