Scandi Pulse

A major employee survey, Scandi Pulse, is conducted for all employees every two years. In October 2022, the Scandi Pulse survey was conducted both for production and for office employees. The results showed high levels of commitment and satisfaction, in line with set goals. In between these surveys, smaller surveys are conducted among office employees – one such survey was conducted in 2021.

Scandi Pulse 2022

Since the results are not fully comparable, the 2022 results were compared with the 2020 results for this report. Although the scores for satisfaction and motivation declined somewhat, from 72 to 71, they were still in line with our set goals. The results for loyalty remain at a high level: 78 compared with 79 in 2020. Inclusive culture declined slightly, from 75 to 73. As with the 2020 survey, a substantial difference is noticeable between office workers (82) and production workers (71).

Corporate values and Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all employees and sets the framework for acting responsibly in terms of ethics, the environment, social issues and human rights. All employees must review the code in the local language when commencing employment, and sign to confirm that they understand what it entails. All office employees also receive mandatory e-training in the code as additional support. In 2022, 97 per cent (91) (including new employees) had completed the training.

In 2022, an updated version of Scandi Standard’s Code of Conduct was created and approved by the Board. The update has clearer definitions of applicability and processes, and the sections on, for example, bribery, corruption, competition law and human rights, were strengthened. All employees will receive training in the new code in 2023.

Good business ethics

We strive to use an ethical and respectful approach in all our business relationships. The Code of Conduct clarifies that zero tolerance applies to all forms of bribery and corruption. We must also act in an exemplary and responsible fashion to ensure the correct processing of information and to ensure the avoidance of any conflicts of interest. Training in these areas is provided on an ongoing basis for the relevant target groups.

Goals and KPIs – Employees

Goal 20302022202120202018
Scandi Pulse – Satisfaction and motivation72717269
Scandi Pulse – Inclusive culture907375
Gender distribution in the Group (% women)n/a43444342
Per centage of women in executive positions (%)n/a32262726
Training on Code of Conduct (% office employees)100%979788

The employee survey measures a number of parameters, including engagement and leadership. An index score of 66–72 is average, while 75 is a good result. A total of 91 per cent of those who have been employed at Scandi Standard for at least six months took part in the 2022 survey. The index for inclusive culture was measured for the first time in 2020. The inclusive-culture index is based on three questions in the employee survey on equality, diversity and participation. The survey is conducted every two years.