The Future of Food-Tech is Taking Off at Scandi Standard – Are You on Board?

May 16, 2023

Scandi Standard embarks on a journey towards a comprehensive, high-paced IT transformation that will reform our business and production approach. Our strategic shift involves replacing outdated business systems with modern, data-driven solutions that emphasize automation, scalability, and process-oriented thinking. The engine of change is Group IT, Scandi Standard’s IT function, that will mobilize the organization from its current state towards our new vision. However, the key to success is getting the right people on board.

Group IT is at the center of change at Scandi Standard

Until today, Group IT has involved about 30 employees providing traditional technical support and system management to our production facilities. But as we in 2018 recognized the need to keep up with an ever-changing external environment, a new model was developed, placing Group IT right at the core of a sharp transformation plan.

The mission involves building an entirely new foundation that will serve as the backbone of the IT function and the entire business, which is both challenging and exciting.

Bild: Göran Matz

“It’s rewarding that we as Group IT have such an active part in building a process organization on a group level and can shape and impact the whole model”,

says Göran Matz, IT director at Scandi Standard.

Scandi Standard is committed to profitable and sustainable growth

Scandi Standard is undergoing a strategic shift towards a process-oriented organization that offers new opportunities within Group IT. The background of this story follows a classical model. In 2014, we introduced the company to the stock market resulting in rapid growth. We realized multiple acquisitions of subsidiaries and expanded into new foreign markets. Naturally, this had the organization grow, in complexity, and in process. And the technology landscape didn’t keep pace.

As a market leader, Scandi Standard commits to being at the leading edge of efforts to improve our industry, which inevitably involves reforming our approach to business and production, requiring process-oriented thinking and data-driven solutions.

Now the real change is happening

The ongoing IT transformation offers a window of opportunity for IT talents for one evident reason – timing. While the initial preparatory phase has been vital for outlining the mission scope and setting initial direction, it is in the upcoming execution phase where the real change happens. That is why we are dedicated to finding the right talents for the right positions.

“We are looking for driven employees who enjoy working with change and are persistent and prone to it. With us, you can make a huge difference, be involved, and make an impact. It is also crucial that you can explain what we want to achieve and how it creates value”

says Anders Månbrant, responsible for Strategy and Architecture within Group IT.

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Are you our next IT talent ready to make a mark on the food production industry of tomorrow on a multinational scale?

Please look at the open positions listings here.

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