Meet our graduate Mette G. Theilgaard

May 18, 2021

Mette started Scandi Standards’ Graduate Program 2019 as a Graduate in Operations and leadership.

Tell us a little about yourself:

I have a background as Master of Engineering within biotechnology and has always been fascinated by the food sector, where innovation and science are key elements to drive the operation. I am a very down to earth person who enjoys drinking a good cup of coffee with family and friends.

Why did you apply for the graduate program?

I was curious about the chicken business and wanted to get to know more about production in the food sector, not only in Denmark but internationally. The graduate program offered that chance.

What kind of projects have you been involved in at Scandi Standard?

It is incredible how many projects you can touch when you are a graduate. I have been involved in a lot of different kinds of projects from looking into new production equipment to blue-collar staff training, optimization of production patterns and risk management within Operations.

What have you learned?

Being in my third rotation now, and finalising the graduate program this summer, I have learned a lot about food production on a general level. I have also had the chance to dive deep into more project-related tasks and analyse specific issues.

Being in production has made me realise that competencies and cooperation with blue-collar workers are essential to keep production up and running. I am grateful for the staff who has taken their time to introduce me to their routines and share their knowledge with me.

What are your thoughts regarding your journey ahead at Scandi?

When I graduate from the program, I will stay in Group Technology. Here the journey of learning how to be a great leader will continue.

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