Meet our graduate Nikolaj Leth

June 22, 2021

Nikolaj started Scandi Standards’ Graduate Program 2019 as a Finance Graduate.

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Nikolaj, I live and work in Denmark where I’m employed in Group Operations. I work as a Business Controller and support the management team in their decision making.

I see myself as an outgoing person that enjoys interacting with other people. I can add that I’m very competitive, which is a big driver for me both professionally and personally.

Why did you apply for the graduate program?

I saw the graduate program as a great opportunity to be introduced to the complete value chain in a business that’s involved in several countries and therefore not be limited to tasks and learning within my own area of education or my geographical location.

What kind of projects have you been involved in at Scandi Standard?

I have been involved in various projects in my first two years; introducing and implementing a new way of reporting in Group Operations, Long-Term-Planning, analysing the return-on-investment on potential projects etc. But my key focus is to evolve my own department and Group Operations towards being more data-driven and therethrough strengthen our decision-making.

What have you learned?

I think I have learned a lot of things from both my daily work, but also from all the “know-how” we have within the company, and I can for sure say that I have developed as a person.

I have especially learned that it should always be okay to challenge the status quo and strive towards doing things better. But also, how important it is to be curious and interested in everything – not only our process but also the people we work with.
Then I of course have learned a lot about chicken and production – which I knew close to zero about when I started.

What are your thoughts regarding your journey ahead at Scandi?

I have really enjoyed my first (almost) two years here with the company, which has a lot to do with the people I work with, but it has also been very important to see the level of responsibility that I have been trusted with.

I, therefore, look at my future with great enthusiasm. This will naturally involve that I get more responsibility and increased know-how, but I think the most important thing for me is that myself and the people around me enjoy what we do and can help develop the business in an even more positive direction.  

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