Scandi Standard has rung the Stockholm exchange bell

June 27, 2014

Today at nine o´clock Leif Bergvall Hansen, CEO and group president of Scandi Standard, rang the exchange bell at NASDAQ OMX in Stockholm, to open Scandi Standards first day of trading. Leif Bergvall Hansen, CEO and group president of Scandi Standard, comments: - Over recent weeks we have been presenting Scandi Standard to a large number of institutional investors in Scandinavia and internationally and we are delighted with the unequivocally positive response that we have received. We see this as a strong endorsement of the strength of Scandi Standard and our strategy to get Scandinavians to eat chicken once more per week and at the same time make the business more cost efficient.

Link to movie clip: Scandi Standard has rung the Stockholm exchange bell.

Link to today’s press release.


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