Product categories

Our most important undertaking to consumers is that our products are safe and healthy to eat, and that they are produced locally from chickens that are thriving and treated well.

The products that Scandi Standard gives the world can be divided into three categories: Ready-to-cook (RTC) and Ready-to-eat (RTE), and Other. The categories reflect the different levels of product processing. Today, approximately 70% of our net sales comes from the RTC category and 21% from RTE products.


Ready-to-cook (RTC) is our largest product category and consists of, as the name suggests, products that are either fresh or frozen, that have not been cooked. These include whole chicken, cuts of meat, deboned and seasoned, and marinated.


The Ready-to-eat (RTE) category comprises products that have been cooked during processing and are ready to be consumed either directly or after heating up. Products range from grilled and pre-sliced chicken fillets with different seasoning for sandwiches or salads, to chicken nuggets.

Other – By-products

This category includes the sale of by-products mostly intended for purposes other than human food consumption, such as feathers, offcuts and offal. These products are used in the production of, for example, animal feed and biofuel.