Our brands

A portfolio of star-studded brands

Get to know the range of brands that consumers trust and love. Regardless of market, Scandi Standard stands behind brands that are the people’s preferred choice of chicken products.



The Danpo brand presents Danish chicken products catering to every family and taste through a wide assortment of fresh, frozen and convenience products. Danpo, established in 1972, became a part of Scandi Standard.

We take care of the chicken at two places in Jutland. At Aars in Himmerland we slaughter all our chickens, and at Farre in South Jutland we have our processing facilities where we bread and fry chicken.


De Danske Familiegårde (Danish Family Farms)

The high-end premium brand of chicken products that include organic and free-range chicken. Products are mainly sold fresh, and the brand also offers halal products.

At De Danske Familiegårde, we have a goal that it should be easy for all Danes to choose better animal welfare. On our family farms, we take good care of each other – and not least of all our chickens.

De Danske Familiegårde has three types of welfare chickens: a farm chicken, an organic and a free-range chicken.


The Happy Chicken Project

The Happy Chicken Project is a Foodservice and QSR brand for convenience products available at gas stations, sandwich shops, hotels and restaurants.

The Project is a unique way for consumers to realize first-hand the differences in Foodservice products. In this way, we help consumers to actively choose domestic chicken over imported alternatives which are often treated with antibiotics and are subject to lower standards of animal welfare.



Naapurin Maalaiskana

Finland provides chicken products under the brand Naapurin Maalaiskana which translates to The Neighbour’s country chicken. The brand focuses on family needs, with a wide range of high-quality chicken products within the fresh, Ready-to-cook category. This innovative brand regularly presents exciting new flavours developed especially for the Finnish palate.



Manor Farm

The Manor Farm brand of Ireland has roots dating all the way back to 1775 when it was founded and successfully operated by the Carton family. Scandi Standard acquired the company in 2017 offering a wide range of fresh and frozen products within the Ready-to-cook category. Today Manor Farm also provides consumers with a range of Ready-to-eat products made possible through various partnerships.



Scandi Standard produces and sells chicken products under two brands in Norway. We are also proud of the fact that in Norway, we produce and sell consumer eggs.

Den Stolte Hane (The Proud Rooster)

Den Stolte Hane is a brand renowned for its tasty and healthy chicken products within the Ready-to-cook and Ready-to-eat categories. It has earned a strong reputation for being innovative within the convenience food category, making it the go-to brand for families and young adults alike.


Vestfold Fugl

This is a dedicated foodservice brand with a niche towards restaurants and Catering companies in Norway.



The Kronfågel brand has enabled Swedes to enjoy great chicken for the past 50 years. Over the years, the brand has built a firm reputation for being the favourite chicken brand that’s highly trusted for quality and taste. In fact, the brand is so loved that it actually had one day of the week dedicated to a Kronfågel dinner. The brand brings longstanding family values which appeals to both young and matured consumers. Kronfågel offers products within both Ready-to-eat and Ready-to-cook categories and is known for innovative product offerings and the packaging of different cuts.