Organisation and management

Scandi Standard boasts a well-oiled organization that is decentralized, with a universal group and local support functions. Operations are conducted through local organisations driven by senior management in our five domestic markets. Simultaneously, we enjoy the advantages of being a group with centralized key functions within Operations, Live Operations, Procurement, Human Resources, IT and Communication.

Group Management

Board of Directors

The people who make it possible

Inspiring, developing and retaining motivated and skilled employees is crucial for the success of the Group. We regularly survey and follow up on the level of commitment and motivation among our employees, in order to ensure that we offer a safe, inclusive and stimulating work environment.

The hard work of each and every employee is the basis for efficiency and profitable operations. Committed employees are more inclined to stay with the company and they are our best ambassadors when it comes to building an attractive work culture and attracting new employees.


people work at Scandi Standard, most of whom are at our production facilities.

A stimulating workplace

All employees within Scandi Standard’s operations must feel that their development is prioritised and taken seriously. Ensuring that our employees are stimulated and committed to their work is critical to establishing a winning culture. We value our employees’ ambitions and strive to ensure development within the organisation, toward both leadership and specialist positions. This is true both for office employees and for production employees. A comprehensive employee survey, ScandiPuls, is conducted for all employees every two years. In between these surveys, smaller surveys are conducted among office employees only. A total of 91 per cent of employees participated in the survey conducted in October 2022 – this is a good figure that indicates high engagement.

Our employees

We continuously monitor how our employees rate us regarding commitment, diversity and inclusivity. In 2022, most of our employees gave Scandi a pass (71 index points out of 100) through the Scandi Puls employee survey.

Healthy workplaces

Scandi Standard endeavours to make the most of every employee’s potential and to promote a creative work culture that reflects our business environment and our customer groups. Therefore, we must be an inclusive and equal-opportunity organisation that values and pursues diversity. An attractive and winning culture is the key to safeguarding future skills supply. Scandi Standard has a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination. How we behave and treat each other is clearly explained in our Code of Conduct.

Fewer accidents after implementation of improvement projects

Although serious accidents are rare in our operations, we have a responsibility to always strive to reduce all types of workplace accidents. In 2021, there was an increase in lost time injuries, due to factors such as short-term replacements during the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, we initiated a group-wide improvement programme to systematically reinforce the management of health and safety with the aim of reducing the accident frequency. The improvement programme continued in 2022 and has yielded results. Although much remains to be done to further strengthen our work on health and safety, we are proud to have reduced the accident frequency by 30 per cent, from 39.2 in 2021 to 27.4.

Improvement programme

Health and safety policy

The Group’s policy on health and safety in the workplace clarifies Scandi Standard’s commitment to ensuring a good work environment, how we promote health at the workplace and ensure compliance with legislation and standards in the area.

Health and safety policy