Our Vision, Mission and Values

With care for people, chickens and the planet

Scandi Standard believe our vision, mission and values enables us to produce better products and help people to lead a better and healthier life for themselves, their families and our planet. This fundamental belief is what drives us to continuously do better and work smarter in order to reach even higher standards of excellence.

Our Vision

Better Chicken for a Better Life

Our vision means we will contribute to the joy of food and sustainable food production by providing healthy and innovative products. We produce our products in a responsible and resource-effective way, constantly looking to improve and do better.

Our Misson

The Scandi Way

Our mission is also our Sustainability promise. The Scandi Way is the way we work every day to make a difference, promoting health and well-being for people, for the chicken and the planet.

Every day we act responsibly to create value and profitability through our products and through promoting health and wellbeing for people, our chickens and the planet.


Producing safe, tasty and healthy products that contribute to sustainable and nutritious protein production

Offering an attractive, safe and healthy workplace

Safeguarding business ethics, human rights and fair working conditions

Building responsible supplier relationships and sustainable supply chains


Pursuing best-in-class animal welfare without antibiotics

Driving long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with high quality growers

Promoting sustainability through high feed quailty, feed efficiency and local feed raw materials


Minimising the carbon footprint of products – from farm to fork

Decreasing the environmental impact of our operations

Minimising the use of plastic through sustainable packaging

Sharing responsilibity for the value chain, from feed production and nutrient leakage to food waste

Our Values


Openness means being transparent and honest, which enables us to help each other between countries and between functions so that we are constantly improving and developing.


Challenge means challenging ourselves and the industry every day. We do this by always asking questions to identify better solutions and constantly improve.

Sense of urgency

Acting now means there is no time to lose, as time waits for nobody. We act quickly and smartly, and assume responsibility for creating value throughout the value chain in order to make all consumers confident that they have made the right choice by choosing our products.