Better chicken <br> for a better life

Better chicken
for a better life

We’re setting the standard in poultry production

Welcome to Scandi Standard. We are a prime producer of chilled, frozen and ready-made chicken products. Every day, in everything we do, we make sure that our products live up to the highest standards of quality, innovation and sustainability. From chicken products in the Nordic region and Ireland, to the production and sale of eggs in Norway. We are a leading provider to the retail, foodservice and food industry sectors. Our brands and products, including Danpo, Den Stolte Hane, Kronfågel, Manor Farm and Naapurin Maalaiskana, can be found in over 40 countries.

At Scandi Standard, sustainable development is about promoting responsible value creation over time for owners, customers, consumers, employees, and other stakeholders. Our aim is to assume an industry-leading role in animal welfare, as well as in environmental and social responsibility. Read more in our Annual Sustainability Report.
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